Encouraging the whole body to take the

whole Gospel to the whole city.


  • Serve Tucson
  • Love Thy Neighbor
  • Renewal Centers
  • Pima County Faith Based & Community Services
  • Living Waters Ministry
  • Oasis Family Center
  • New Life
  • S.O.B.E.R. Project
  • Gospel Rescue Mission
  • Community Action Agency

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About Us

Daisy Lebron

Vice President

Marriage Missions Int'l

Randy Reynolds

Executive director


Tim Cronin



Mobilizing the body of Christ to bring healing, development and the Good News to the community of Tucson, especially the poor, marginalized, vulnerable and broken.

Steve and Cindy Wright

Serve Tucson

June Reynolds


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 Uniting others in common mission for the greater good of our community.

New Creation Trades

Community Renewal works with many collaborative partners in our endeavors, including:

Mike Birrer

Tucson Refugee Ministry

  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
  • First Church of God
  • Vineyard Christian Community
  • Fellowship Bible Church
  • 4Tucson
  • Northminster Presbyterian Church
  • Saguaro Canyon Church
  • Hope of Glory
  • Hands of Hope
  • Mentoring Tucson's Kids

Heartfelt Income Ministries

  • Sisters
  • The Journey
  • Young Lives
  • Young Life
  • Higher Ground
  • Victory Worship Center
  • Sold No More
  • Ministry Resources Int'l
  • Marriage Missions Inr'l
  • Emerge

Community Renewal is focused on community development in Tucson. 

Community Development is: 


Community Renewal desires to provide leadership for mobilizing and unifying the faith community to address the needs of the poor and the underprivileged, to advance religion, lessen the burdens of government, lessen neighborhood tensions, commit our efforts to the elimination of prejudice and discrimination, defend human and civil rights secured by law, and combat community deterioration.  We believe that these goals can be accomplished by assisting faith-based organizations in our community to develop and mature.
The Member Organizations must agree with the vision, mission, and purpose of Community Renewal. The current Member Organizations under Community Renewal are: