Find your own answers, do your own study before you even look at these answers.  Seek God and ask the Lord to speak to you through the Holy Spirit. To grow you have to have your own relationship with God, not someone else’s. We all need parents and teachers, but we grow by owning our own responsibilities. “Study to show yourself approved by God.” 2 Timothy 2:15 Studying is hard work not a religious ritual and a short-term duty. This is not about having an academic identity, but worshipping God with our mind and finding our true identity in Christ. How well do you know the Word of God, its characters and the context of the stories? 

Before you look at the answers study the passages and talk with others about the Bible study.  Reflect and journal.

If you would like to do this study in a group, here are questions for groups:

What is form and freedom?
What does it look like in your life?
What does it look like in your family’s life?
What does it look like in your community?