Does the fact that God is love and that He loves us give us a pass on His judgment?  What if He is correcting us or bringing judgment and we miss the meaning of God’s judgment? READ MORE

By: Alan Voelkel 

What does it mean to be goal-oriented as a Christian?  How do we aspire to the things of God?  I can remember my first goals... READ MORE

By: Catherine Wills

Though I do not speak Greek, I have heard it said that the word cemetery comes from that ancient, Mediterranean language, and in English it has a meaning akin to bedroom, implying that those who are at rest there merely slumber. READ MORE

Simply Trusting

For two years, I perfected a Southern accent, so now when I talk with someone with that good ol’ Southern drawl or even hear it; it is very easy for me to slip back into it. This drives my husband nuts!  So ... READ MORE


God's Judgement: a Good thing?

By: Weston Baker

By: Randy Reynolds

hunted by his love

My mom always says, “Simply trusting isn’t always simple.” I’m not sure I agree. (Sorry mom). What do we need to do to trust God?  READ MORE

It's Who I am

By: Catherine Wills

One of the qualities that I most admire about Jesus is that he never was (or is) a one-size-fitsall equal opportunist. His level of engagement, His approach and His selection of words are invariably tailored to the individual with whom he engages. READ MORE

Is there a church that emphasizes Christians performing well and yet is loving and accepting.  It seems we can have values that emphasize being productive but are they antithetical to grace?  Psychologists have found that... READ MORE

By: Randy Reynolds

By: Randy Reynolds

high Performance - High grace



Jesus offers a new way of operating, a new way of thinking and living. In abiding in Jesus, and turning my cares and difficulties to Him, I can gain freedom from worrying. In going to the Father with questions and for strength, what was once impossible for my life becomes possible... READ MORE

Heavenly Goals

By: Dana Mahan