Encouraging the whole body to take the whole Gospel to the whole city

Uniting others in a common mission for the greater good of our community.

Community Renewal provides counseling, financial relief, advocacy, and accountability to address poverty, inequity, and other barriers to finding God’s blessings.

Through one-on-one counseling and long-term mentor relationships, we help individuals uncover the root causes of poverty, destructive behaviors, and dysfunction. We walk alongside people, regardless of where they are on the scale of functionality.

Why People Get Stuck

The issue of poverty is deeply complex and rooted in a variety of factors including: family of origin, systemic hurdles, education, trauma, etc. Giving a person a home, some food, or a good job may help, but it will not likely change their situation long-term.

What We Do

There is no quick fix to poverty. This is deeply discouraging to most people, which is why the issues surrounding poverty often go ignored. Our approach includes long-term mentor relationships in addition to providing practical care and advocacy to alter systemic structures which work in opposition to the vulnerable.

How You Can Help

It’s hard to persevere with people that are difficult. We need people who are willing to engage and give. For those who feel called to serve the poor, the need is great and few willing to pour themselves out.

Our Mission


Practical relief for those struggling under the weight of poverty


Helping those we serve stay out of poverty through holistic development


Solving systemic issues that perpetuate poverty that need to be changed or uprooted

The poor you will have with you always…

Though poverty has and will always exist, there are a lot of myths surrounding the issue of poverty.